18 W Daylight LED Bulb D15800

18W LED Bulb
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E31375 Artist Studio Lamp + Stand
E31475 Artist Clip-on Studio Lamp

New high performing 18W daylight LED bulb. The bright LEDs emit true daylight with 6,500ºK; it instantly switches on to full brightness and uses approximately 80% less energy. Get 15,000 hours of bright daylight without fear of breaking it - made of shatterproof material. 

Daylight (6,500ºK)
1,800 Lumens
CRI: 80+
18W = 115W Equivalent
Uses 80% less energy*
15,000 hour life**
15,000 Switching cycles
Non Dimmable
220-240V 50/60Hz
Fitting Type: ES (see label)

*approximate saving compared to an incandescent bulb
**15 years of light ~2.7 hours a day

Optimise eye health and vision
See true colours as they really are
Uses 80% less energy*
Lasts up to 15x longer than regular bulbs
Low heat, extra safe

*approximate saving compared to an incandescent bulb