Foldi PLUS D45050, wiederaufladbar

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 incl. wiederaufladbarer Batterien und Netzteil


Die Foldi liefert bis zu 6 Stunden helles Licht durch die mitgelieferten wiederaufladbare Batterien und unbegrenztes Licht in Verbindung mit dem USB-Kabel zum Laptop, der ideale Reisebegleiter . Mit seinem schlanken Design und weiche Linien ist die LED Földi + ™ Lampe wirklich die beste tragbare Designerlampe auf dem Markt.

The portable LED Foldi+™ Lamp features 30 bright daylight™ LEDs to give you comfortable full-spectrum natural daylight which is kind to your eyes, reducing glare which helps reduce eye strain, headaches and red-eye. The daylight™ light from this lamp significantly increases contrast and helps to make reading much easier.

The Foldi+™ will give up to 6 hours of bright light on the included rechargable batteries and unlimited power using the USB connection to your laptop, making it the ideal travel companion. With its slim design and smooth lines, the LED Foldi+™ Lamp truly is the finest portable designer lamp on the market.

Key Features

  • Gorgeous slim design, take Foldi+™ wherever you go
  • Battery powered, up to 6 hours of bright daylight™
  • Fully rechargeable using the included AA batteries
  • USB & Mains Power Supply Included
  •  3x AA wiederaufladbare Batterien im Lieferumfang enthalten
    • Netzgerät / USB-Netzteil inklusive
    • Breite: 7,5 cm (3 Zoll)
    • Höhe: 23.3cm (9 Zoll)
    Tiefe: 3,3 cm ( Zoll)
    Gewicht: 0,5 kg (1 lbs)
    Licht: 30 Tageslicht-LEDs 5.500 - 6.000K
  • 3x AA Rechargable Batteries Included
  • Mains Power Supply Included
  • USB Power Supply Included
  • Width: 7.5cm (3 inches) 
  • Height: 23.3cm (9 inches)
  •  Depth: 3.3cm (1½ inches) 
  • Weight: 0.5kg (1 lbs) 
  • Light: 30 Daylight LEDs